Project Video Internship

Do you have a passion for media and sharing the gospel? Photography? Teaching others? Audio recording? You could utilise your skills and passion through a joint internship with Wycliffe Australia and Project Video to make an impact throughout Asia.

What is Project Video?

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In Asia, there are over 25 million people without access to Christian resources.

People are unreached for a reason. Sometimes it’s geography; they are so remote no one ever visits. Sometimes their government persecutes Christians. Sometimes their culture has rejected Christianity as a white man’s religion. Other times, it’s because they have no Scripture translation, or are illiterate.

There are 2.8 billion unreached people in Asia facing these obstacles. That is more than a third of the world’s population. (Statistics from the Joshua Project April 2022)

Project Video strives to develop a team in each culture that can make Christian resources for their language. Video can be mass produced and passed around where even evangelists cannot go. This also promotes the use of the translated Scriptures. When people see these gospel movies in their heart language, they realise that the gospel has relevance to their culture.

People from their own culture know the stories, music, and teachings that will permeate their people group the most. Project Video wants to provide and train these creatives and ministers to make these stories come to life and to reach those around them.

Want to join our mission of engaging and equipping locals?

Project Video - Immersion

How did Project Video begin?

A group of Bible college students hiking through the jungle to take the gospel to remote people groups in Asia stumbled across one bamboo-hut village with 50 witchdoctors. After much prayer, storytelling, singing and spiritual warfare, God began sowing the seeds of a small church. As the congregation could not read and had no pastor, a young man, Tha Hser Minn, brought them audio sermons on CD to sustain the church. But they wanted to see the preacher as well as hear him!

Since a God-ordained encounter between Tha Hser Minn and the founder of Project Video, many outreach films have been produced, as well as gospel movies, recordings of local worship and preaching, and even original Christ-centred movies in their own heart language.

Project Video has now grown to 14 ethnic teams, over 20 languages in 7 countries. The Asia Headquarters is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand and with a USA Headquarters in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. The Asia side of Project Video is a local team in Chiang Mai that reaches out with training, internship and an established foundation throughout Thailand and South East Asia. The USA side of Project Video primarily focuses on fundraising and connecting with churches.

How can I get involved?

Project Video is praying for people with a media background and a heart for unreached people to equip their local teams with media training and relationship building. This is a great opportunity for flexible, servant-hearted Christians willing to be immersed in a foreign culture, to gain real mission experience, share their skills, and take the road less travelled.

Project Video - Immersion

Project Video runs a year-long internship program called the Immersion for those who want to be introduced to missions firsthand. Project Video Asia is also praying for full-time staff members to serve in Chiang Mai. There is a need and a desire to grow the team in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and to have a greater reach in South East Asia.

After the internship, Project Video encourages interns to continue working within missions, whether with Project Video or another ministry. The primary focus of this internship is to be a stepping stone into full-time missions.

Learn more about our Immersion internship with this webpage:

Full-time Opportunities

If you are interested in partnering with us full-time rather than our internship, please send an email with a cover letter to our Field Coordinator: Jasmine.

Check out our Current Job Openings in Chiang Mai here:

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