Celebrate Bible Translation – Canberra

Join us in Canberra for a celebration of the progress of Bible translation around the world

There are still over 1.5 billion people in the world, speaking 6658 languages, who do not have a full Bible in the language they know best. The need for Scripture translation is too great for western missionaries to complete the task in this lifetime, so God has been working to equip Christian speakers of these languages to translate the Scriptures into their own mother tongues, and even to prepare some of them to be translation consultants. The focus of this evening will be on the progress in recent years in the training and equipping of local translators and consultants.

Venue:  TBA

Date:    Saturday 27 July 2024

Time:    5:30 pm

   Max and Helen Sahl

  • The origins of Wycliffe
  • Wycliffe’s vision and mission
  • The Wycliffe Global Alliance and Australia’s place in it
  • Some of the work being done by Australian members

Mark & Ann Osborne

  • Serving in a restricted environment.
  • Challenges of a translation project.
  • We sow seeds; God gives the harvest.
  • God directing the translation pathway


Cost:     $25

Further information:  Mark Osborne,

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