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Wed 28 Aug 2024 7:30-8:30pm AEST

“What’s it like to start a Translation programme? – And when is it finished? Vanuatu Focus”

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Enquiries to VICRO.

Pray for Malaysia

Come and pray with Malaysian believers, for the end of Bible poverty in Malaysia.

TIME: Every fourth Thursday of the month at 1 pm AEST (11 am MY/SG)

VENUE: Online in the Unceasing Prayer for Bible Translation Zoom Room.

Please email us for the Zoom link and passcode.

Pray for Papua New Guinea

Come and pray with Papua New Guinean believers to end Bible poverty in PNG.

TIME: Every Thursday at 7pm (AEST) PNG time, 8PM (AEDT)

VENUE: Online in the Unceasing Prayer for Bible Translation Zoom Room.

Please email us for the Zoom link and passcode.

Story the Bible Online Comprehensive Course (STBOCC)

Do you want to develop skills to help you share the gospel in a simple way?Juhan Klooster - video promo

Wycliffe Australia is delighted to offer an online version of the Story the Bible (STB) training to help you upskill. The Story the Bible Online Comprehensive Course is a self-paced online course. From your own home and among your friends you can have guided training as you develop a range of skills in Bible storytelling.

Theory and practical experience are woven together throughout the course, with the result that by the end of the first 10 lessons you will have crafted two Bible stories, learned the skills that can be applied to crafting many others, and explored topics in dramatic telling, teaching and leading discussions on any story.

Should you decide to go on to the more advanced training, by the time you have completed the whole 30 lessons you will have crafted a set of six Bible stories, learned how to revise and evaluate your stories for quality, taught your stories to a number of friends and family, and led Bible studies on each of the stories you have crafted.

The ‘theory aspect’ of the course is delivered by short videos, readings and written assignments. A mentor will also be online to give you guidance, encouragement and supervision throughout your training.

Wycliffe Australia is offering the Online Comprehensive Course (STBOCC) at three levels:
Part 1:  Lessons 1-10: Basic Bible Storytelling;
Part 2:  Lessons 11-20: Building Better Bible Stories; and
Part 3:  Lessons 21-30: Advanced Story the Bible training.

You will receive a certificate showing your achievement on completion of  the course.

Although you can commit to the full 30 lessons if you wish, we recommend that you enrol for just Part 1 of the course initially.  By the time you complete this section you will know whether this is a skill you can use effectively in your ministry. If you have a desire to develop your skills further, to pass this skill on to your friends, or to join the staff for a Story the Bible workshop, continue on and complete all thirty lessons.

How much time commitment is involved?

Each lesson in Part 1 requires a time commitment of two to four hours.  Many students who have completed this part have done so in an average of 10 weeks, but some have taken twice that.   As we said above, a mentor will be assigned to guide and help you through the course, and we recommend that you discuss your available time with your mentor early in the course and set yourself a goal to keep you on track.

Course Fees:
Basic Bible Storytelling: $50 (fill in the ‘Deposit’ option)
Parts 2 and 3 together (available only after completing Part 1):  $50 total
Full Course (all three parts): $100 (fill in the ‘Full payment’ option)

Next Steps:

To enrol in the STBOCC, go to Register at the top of this page.

For further information, contact the Story the Bible Online Course Administrator, Peter O’Loghlin, at


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