Wycliffe's Current Priority Projects

Training and Development for the Pacific

Project 8861

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Audio Bibles

Project 8160

Audio Bibles are handheld devices that have had the Bible recorded onto them in audio format. That is, someone is recorded reading the Bible in the targeted language and this can then be played back by the listener/s over and over. Audio Bibles (or Megavoice units) are a relatively cheap and very effective means of making the Bible available to people, particularly to those who cannot read or are vision impaired.

Wycliffe has helped to provide audio Bibles to a diverse range of  language communities in places such as Mexico, Russia, PNG, Australia, and very recently Madagascar and Mozambique. Sometimes our own Wycliffe Australia personnel initiate efforts to make audio Bibles available for the languages they are working with, and sometimes we receive requests for assistance from other Christian organisations trying to provide audio Bibles to (often minority) language groups. Either way, we are keen to support these efforts as they can give marginalised people access to God’s Word. This project has been set up to raise funds to support audio Bible recording and distribution, wherever that need may be.

Target: $15,000/year

Vision 2025 Projects

Project 8300

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Scripture Publishing Fund

Project 8140

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Consultant Development

 Project 8807

Bible translation is being conducted more and more by local translators, in all parts of the world. This is a trend that Wycliffe Australia is very keen to support as it gives ownership of the translation process to the people groups who desire, and will use, the Scriptures in their own languages. Trained translation consultants are critical to the translation process as they support mother-tongue translators to produce quality, accurate and culturally appropriate Bible translations. Unfortunately, there is a growing worldwide shortage of trained Bible translation consultants to assist local mother-tongue translators. The need for an effective pathway to develop more trainers, advisors and consultants to support these translation projects has never been more urgent.

There are numerous organisations, along with Wycliffe Australia, that are addressing the need to train more Translation Consultants. Wycliffe Australia is committed to supporting these efforts, both at home with our members, and across the globe. To do so, we need support from generous Christians who share our passion for training more Translation Consultants so that they can then support the locally run translation projects around the world.

Partner with us

Our partnership target for 2023 is AU$22,222.20

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards the following year’s target.

Wycliffe Relief & Development Foundation


The Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation was recently formed to receive tax-deductible gifts and donations for various types of relief including medical assistance and disaster aid. This relief aid will be directed to needy overseas communities where Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia or its partners work.

Wycliffe is happy to recommend our partner organisation Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation for those wanting to give a tax-deductible gift.

Visit us at

Computer Support for Local Translators

Project 8405

Computers are a normal part of a ‘translator’s toolkit’. The Alotau regional centre has 20 computers that have been used for several years by the translators of the VITAL project. Now that VITAL in its current form has ended it is planned that these machines now become:

  • Available to ex-VITAL teams to continue working independently on more translation work
  • A regional resource for other East Papua Region translators to make use of when in town
  • A regional resource available for use in training of PNG nationals in basic computing or using the ‘Paratext’ translation software
  • As emergency loan machines in the event of a translator’s own machine being unavailable.

Being several years old, most of their batteries have degraded to the point that the machines will only work on mains power or for 15-30 minutes on battery. This makes them unsuitable for village use, and they can only withstand a short blackout (which are frequent in PNG and may last for hours).

Contribute to replacing laptop batteries for 20 computers to help the local translation teams in Alotau, PNG work more efficiently, especially when they are away from a reliable power source.

Partner with us

Our partnership target for 2023 is $9000
Your gift of $40 will give a computer new life.

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards the following year’s target.

Computer Subsidy Fund for Wycliffe Field Teams

Project 8410


Portable computers are essential tools for translators, literacy workers, consultants, language survey teams, and many of our members who are in teaching or administrative roles. We have established this fund to provide a subsidy for any of our field teams needing to replace their computers.

This assistance goes a long way towards ensuring that those on the frontline in Bible translation have the tools they need to do their job well.


Partner with us

A$6000 annually (this provides a $700 subsidy per computer)

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards the following year’s target.

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...