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WRDF – PNG Deaf Literacy

Project 8883

This project is managed by Wycliffe’s partner organisation Wycliffe Relief & Development Foundation. The funds will be directed to them.

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Aitape West Translation Advisor, PNG

Are you excited about seeing national translators succeed in translating the Bible into their own heart languages? Would you like to come alongside them and support their work with your knowledge and skills? In the Sandaun Province of Papua New Guinea, there is a group of eleven language communities who are receiving God’s Word in their own languages for the first time. Mother tongue translators are working together across different dialect and language family boundaries to receive training. They are also learning to grow as trainers themselves, and to encourage one another in the Bible translation movement.

Translators from some languages are without a Translation Advisor, making it very difficult for the translations to continue. You could be the one to equip these translators and enable their language communities to continue receiving God’s word in their own languages. We are looking for well trained people with a clear sense of God’s calling who will dedicate their time, skills, and hearts to the task of training others. Are you flexible, spiritually resilient, and do you have the ability to work with a team to accomplish a task? If so, this could be the job for you.


• work closely with mother tongue translators from two of the related languages
• actively engage local translators in the translation task
• equip the translators to work interdependently and to become trainers themselves
• facilitate the typesetting, publication, and distribution of Scripture portions
• learn one of the languages
• train and facilitate speakers to gather, analyse, and share language data
• learn to relate well within the culture
• communicate social and spiritual values
• assist the team in project planning.


• university-level degree or equivalent academic credentials
• certificate in Linguistics or equivalent
• M.A. in Linguistics and Biblical Studies would be an advantage
• exegetical skills, knowledge of a biblical language and good understanding of the Bible through Bible college training
• good physical condition
• flexible
• teachable
• ability to teach others
• team worker.


Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria. You will also be able to study for one year at SIL Australia. Eastern College Australia offers studies in biblical and linguistic undergraduate and graduate level courses. See

Linguist Translator PNG

Are you ready for your next adventure? If you have a love for languages and a heart to serve God, this could be the opportunity for you!

We need young, well-trained people with a clear sense of God’s calling to dedicate their time, skills and hearts to work alongside language communities in Papua New Guinea. Your role will be to help the communities translate, actively engage with, and understand Scripture. It’s not an easy job. It will challenge you in many ways. BUT it will be an amazing opportunity for you to see the faithfulness and goodness of God.


  • establish and maintain appropriate cross-cultural relationships in the language community
  • gather language and culture data
  • perform analysis on that data and document the analysis
  • work with local leadership in planning the goals of the language program
  • possibly provide initial training to local co-workers in areas related to translation and literacy work.


  • a theological degree at Bible college
  • solid knowledge of the Bible

This role requires university-level degree or equivalent academic credentials including Bible college and SIL training to cover these areas:

  • Articulatory Phonetics
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Language & Culture Learning
  • Language & Society
  • Morphology & Syntax
  • Phonology
  • Linguistic Field Methods
  • Semantics & Pragmatics
  • Translation Principles, Theory & Practice.


Orientation workshops will be held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria
SIL PNG Orientation Course. You will also complete a year of study with SIL Australia. Bible college and SIL training can be incorporated in the relevant Undergraduate or Graduate course through Eastern College Australia. See for more information.

Binumarien Old Testament Translation – PNG

Project 8590

Wycliffe and SIL have been working with the Binumarien people in the Eastern Highlands of PNG since 1958! With the committed help of Des and Jenny Oatridge, the Binumarien language was recorded, a writing system was developed, and the people were taught to read and write their language. They were hungry to have the New Testament of the Bible in their language, and so they worked with the Oatridges to achieve this. The New Testament was eventually dedicated in 1983. But this small language group of around 1000 people, want more of God’s word, and so they have been working hard for many years to get the Old Testament translated too! In 2011 SIL PNG’s Mitchell Michie commenced working with the Binumarien translators on the Old Testament. In 2018 five of the Old Testament books, and a revision of the Binumarien New Testament, were published in order to make more scriptures available for distribution. In 2021 a recording of the New Testament was also distributed to the people.

Just recently, a new agreement has been set up between SIL PNG, Tyndale Bible Translators, and the Binumarien translation team to give the project a boost. It has been recognised that the dedicated Binumarien translation team really need to spend more time in Ukarumpa, for face to face advisor checking with a Tyndale Bible Translation checker. It is hoped that this new agreement, and the increased time and resources being put into the Old Testament Translation, will see it completed in the next seven years. With this new structure, however, comes a significant increase in costs associated with the project. Please consider contributing towards this wonderful project to see the entire Bible available in the Binumarien language.

Partner with us

Our partnership target by March 2024 is $ 31,239

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards the following year’s target.

Training and Development for the Pacific

Project 8861

Will explain later.

Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash

Operations Manager – Vanuatu

We have an urgent need for someone with the right experience and skills to be the Operations Manager for SIL Vanuatu in Port Vila. You would assist the language teams working in the country as well as the administrative team. This is a full-time role, either short-term for one or two years, or longer term, and is vital to the success of our work in Vanuatu!


  • oversee the maintenance and upkeep of 10 housing units, office and grounds and oversight of two local grounds-keepers and possibly also guest-house worker
  • upkeep of vehicles and insurance on the vehicles as well as other equipment
  • obtain and renew members’ work permits and residence permits
  • support teams with purchasing and shipping of items out to their island locations as needed
  • support the SIL Vanuatu administrative and language teams with other operational items as needed.


  • Practical skills in maintenance of buildings and vehicles
  • administrative abilities
  • organisational and leadership skills
  • a team player
  • self-starter
  • someone who enjoys helping others be successful.

Orientation and training:

In preparation for the role, you will be attending orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria. Other language and culture training courses would also be helpful.

Nurse Practitioner

We have an urgent need for nurse practitioners at our Ukarumpa Centre in Papua New Guinea, to provide quality medical care to SIL members and employees, thus supporting the work of Bible translation in PNG.


  • Provide health care to patients, including assessment of health status, diagnosis, develop a plan of care and treatment, implementation of treatment plan (including pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment), and follow-up and evaluate patient status
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary team members by making appropriate referrals and consultations
  • Correct charting using S.O.A.P. method
  • Perform some diagnostic testing as needed including x-ray, vision and hearing tests, EKG, peak flows, ordering lab tests
  • Assist doctor or another nurse as needed
  • Responsibilities may include giving Tetanus shots and injectable medications, performing PPD testing, filling prescriptions, giving nebulizer treatments, ear irrigation, giving general medical education to patients, fitting and teaching correct use of medical equipment and correct use of medications
  • Perform the following tasks or assist physicians as needed with patients, including gynaecological exams and ultrasounds, casting, surgical procedures, IV therapy, urinary catheterization, emergency situations


  • Fully qualified and with at least one year’s practical experience


  • Some type of language and culture training course would be helpful
  • Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria


Are you a qualified doctor with at least five years experience in primary care? Would you like to serve with a team of like-minded professionals in a community where your skills are needed? Papua New Guinea is a country of over 800 language groups, many of which do not have God’s Word. Translators are working hard to bring the Scriptures to the people of PNG and for many them this means living in remote communities without medical facilities. Our Clinic provides primary care for these translation teams and for our local community. If you would like to use your training to serve God by serving the people of Papua New Guinea please contact your local Wycliffe office.

Who they will be working with (organisations/property) Duration (Length of service)Long TermRoleOtherLocationPacificIs this a WBTA home-assigned role?NoPositions Vacant Cont.


  • Determine health needs of assigned area and  direct health care personnel
  • Establish guidelines for treatment and care of patients
  • Provide comprehensive medical services for members of SIL and Wycliffe Bible Translators teams
  • Make recommendations for consultation with medical specialists based on evaluation of medical condition and history
  • Set up a program for comprehensive health care and medical services for language groups where SIL and Wycliffe members are working
  • You may work in a supervisory or cooperative capacity with a national medical program
  • You might be assigned to perform medical services and health care personally, such as examining patients, ordering or performing various tests, analyses, and X-rays to provide information on patient’s condition, administering or prescribing treatments, drugs, inoculations and vaccinations
  • Possibly provide prenatal care to pregnant women, deliver babies and provide postnatal care to mothers and infants
  • Respond to emergency requests for medical help in isolated areas, using air or ground transportation.


  • Fully qualified practitioner
  • At least five years’ experience in primary care
  • MD experience in diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases helpful


  • Some type of language and culture training course would be helpful
  • Orientation workshops are held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

Dentist or orthodontist

We have an urgent need for a dentist or orthodontist in our Clinic at Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. In this vital role you will be responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries and malformations of teeth and gums, and related oral structures. An orthodontist could fill this position knowing the first priority is to provide general dentistry for the community.


  • Diagnose patients
  • Construct moulds for crowns with proper tooth anatomy
  • Complete dental surgeries when appropriate; this includes but is not limited to root canal therapies, tooth extractions, fillings, crown placements, gum treatments
  • Mix various dental materials and medicaments as needed
  • Provide routine maintenance on lab equipment
  • Monitor inventory of dental supplies and initiate the ordering process
  • Dental examinations and dental cleanings/scalings
  • Place occlusal sealants
  • Dental bridgework
  • Administer local anaesthetic for dental procedures when necessary
  • Expose and process dental x-rays and interpret findings (digital x-ray available)
  • Open teeth determined to need endodontic treatment and treat appropriately


  • Dental Degree
  • Specialised technical training by dentist
  • for at least two years
  • Active participation in continuing education courses to keep abreast of current dental practices
  • Preferably has had a dental residency or several years in practice, but this is not a requirement
  • Demonstrated skills
  • Professional level of personal cleanliness, hygiene and dress
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Sound understanding of treatment procedures
  • Sound knowledge of infection control measures
  • Knowledge of first aid and dental surgery emergency procedures
  • Be able to demonstrate the required skills of a dentist


  • Some type of language and culture training course would be helpful
  • Orientation workshops are held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria


We have an urgent need for a physiotherapist to assist at the SIL medical clinic in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. Your service to our community will support the work of Bible translation in the country.


  • Administer medically prescribed physical therapy treatment for patients suffering from injuries, or muscle, nerve, joint and bone diseases, to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability.
  • Evaluate and treat patients with injuries, congenital and idiopathic disabilities, and age and disease-induced disabilities
  • Work with children who have developmental delays in conjunction with the Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist
  • Provide advice on prevention of injury, as well as education of both patients and medical staff
  • Record patient evaluation, treatment and recommendations in their medical records


  • Degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited school
  • Continuing education requirements for licensure from your home country
  • Minimum two years’ experience in a variety of settings
  • Previous multicultural experience would be helpful
  • Preference for working with children of all ability levels

Language and Culture Training:

  • Some type of language and culture training course would be helpful but not essential
  • Orientation workshops will be provided through our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...