Stepping out in faith: First steps

By Max Sahl  | Wycliffe Today Autumn 2024 Edition

This year, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia celebrates 70 years of working with God to transform lives through Bible translation, literacy, community development and Scripture engagement. Hundreds of men and women throughout the years have been trained to support Bible translation projects in Australia and throughout the world. They have all served in unique ways. 

Wycliffe Australia has sent out people of vastly different backgrounds, from teachers and technicians, animators and accountants, to doctors and dog trainers. They have understood the need for people to access the Scriptures in the languages they understand best.

Despite their differences, these people all had something in common – their journeys all began with taking the first step. Taking that ‘first step’ can seem overwhelming but we don’t have to take it alone. Along with the prayers and support of other believers, short-term exposure trips can be a great way to experience God at work through everyday Christians who have already taken that first step of faith. 

The stories in this edition of Wycliffe Today showcase the experiences of people who have joined short-term trips to Bible translation projects in Australia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. We hope you are encouraged by their stories and pray that God will give you the wisdom and courage to take the next step in your own adventure with him, wherever and whatever that may be. 


Thanks for your patience...

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