Transformed by the Word: Walking towards love

By Lyn Wake  |  Wycliffe Today Autumn 2024 Edition

Lord, if it’s you’, Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.’ ‘Come,’ he said. Matthew 14:28 – 29 (NIVUK)

Imagine the mix of confusion, fear and excitement Peter must have experienced when he saw Jesus walking on water towards him. Peter’s logic and emotions must have collided in a fierce battle as he wrestled with the impossible nature of the scene before his eyes. 

How did he take that courageous first step? I believe Peter was able to move forward because he knew the voice of the one calling him. In stepping out of that boat, Peter knew he was walking towards love. 

Recently, I witnessed our tiny granddaughter, Bonnie, take her very first steps. Although she only managed a couple of stumbles forward on her first attempt, we could not have been prouder. Joy beamed across her face as she took in our loving gazes and heard our many coos over all her ‘achievements’. 

My son and his wife continued calling their daughter to come to them, with big sister Zahlia cheering her on. After all our encouragement, she took those first baby steps and learned to walk – all because she knew the voice of her family and that she was walking towards love.

Friends, living an abundant life in Christ begins with a first step of faith … and moves on with fresh steps of faith each day. Where are you on your faith journey? Have you heard Jesus calling you towards an impossible adventure? Have you dipped your toe into the water, but now feel unsure how to step out onto the deep waters? 

The one who calls you is gazing upon you with love. He will not let you drown. May you walk towards him in love, and keep walking. 

For further reflection: Can you identify anything that may be stopping you from ‘getting out of the boat’ towards Jesus and what he is calling you to? 

Be transformed by the Word: Engage with Matthew 14:22–36 & Psalm 27:7–14.

Prayer: Lord, I choose to walk towards your love. Please help me take the first steps towards the adventure you are calling me to. Amen.

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