IT – System Support

We need a volunteer IT specialist to come for a month to help with the diverse IT needs of an organisation in Timor-Leste, especially with network systems.


  • designing and configuring a computer network system
  • setting up a cloud-based archive system
  • installing and configuring computer systems, networks and printers
  • responding to service issues and requests
  • setting up accounts for new users
  • possibly training a junior Timorese staff member
  • continue volunteering remotely to help with issues and requests.


Computer networking knowledge is required, which may be from a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Computing.

Language and Culture Training:

  • four weeks’ language and culture training called Launch
  • fluency in Tetun Dili, English, Bahasa Indonesia, or Portuguese


  • orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria
  • on-field cultural orientation

Scripture – Church Engagement Specialists

How has the Bible transformed your life? Would you like to help other people engage more deeply with God’s Word? We are looking for people to come alongside churches and communities in Dili, Timor Leste, to encourage people to use the Scripture and biblical resources available in their language. This could include helping them to increase their ability to read portions of vernacular Scripture, working alongside local church leaders, translators and staff members.


  • discipleship
  • workshops
  • material production
  • training


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • minimum of one year (or equivalent) at Bible college


  • One year at SIL Australia
  • English fluency of at least 5.0 IELTS


  • orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria
  • on-field cultural orientation

Bible Translation Advisers – Timor Leste

As a Bible translation adviser, you’ll work with a team of mother-tongue speakers based in Dili, Timor-Leste and other linguists to produce Scripture translations in a minority language (or cluster of languages) that are accurate, clear and speak to the heart of an entire people group.


  • exegesis
  • translation training
  • support with drafting
  • facilitation of community testing
  • linguistic analysis, possibly including orthography revision
  • project management
  • liaising with stakeholders
  • coordinating publication
  • capacity development of the translation team and local institution to continue translation and assume responsibility for the future of their translation project


  • theological degree
  • four weeks’ language and culture training called Launch
  • one year of training with SIL
  • English fluency of at least 5.0 IELTS


  • orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria
  • on-field cultural orientation

South East Asia Church Based Literacy NSD Project

Project 8818

There is a great need for Multilingual Education for members of the Bunong communities in Mondulkiri, Cambodia. Most Bunong people cannot read or write, even in their own language, so the literacy needs are great. Northeast Community Education and Development Organization (NCED) is committed to supporting the communities with these needs.

The Church Based Literacy Program is assisting the Bunong people in two main ways:

  1. The implementation of the Bunong literacy program in the churches is directly addressing the community’s low literacy rates while helping to sustain their language and their customs. Literacy rates need to increase in the country’s official language in order to support dealings with authorities and commercial organisations so that the communities’ interests are protected. Literacy rates also need to improve in the Bunong language so that their language and culture can be preserved for future generations.
  2. Running the literacy program through the local churches means that the Bunong people can be supported to read Scripture in their own language. The program works directly with 12 Bunong churches and the participants in the various programs include children, youth, adults and elderly people.

More recently, the Bunong communities have been affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic and there has been an urgent need to communicate health advice to better protect them from outbreaks and to manage any cases that develop. NCED has been doing this important work with translated written materials and visits to villages (when permitted).

Ambon Scripture Engagement Project

Project 8817

The Ambonese Malay New Testament is scheduled to be published in 2022! But publication is not the end of the story. God has brought together a great team of people to promote the new translation and help people to use it and apply it in their lives.

The Ambonese Malay Scripture Engagement team is passionate about seeing God’s Word at work among the people of Maluku. The team is highly sought after for their training workshops that are designed to meet the needs of the local churches. Topics include trauma healing, overcoming addiction, conflict resolution, parenting, and using local language in ministry. At each workshop the team teaches, prays and leads worship in Ambonese Malay, enabling participants to experience the transforming power of God’s Word in their own language.

An important part of their work during 2022 will be running a series of workshops to introduce the newly published Ambonese Malay New Testament to churches and showing how it can be used in teaching and discipleship.

Partner with us

Budget target: AU$16,000 per year

Excess funds will go towards the following year’s target.

Tampuan NT Publication

The Tampuan New Testament was completed recently and is now being typeset ready for publication. The Tampuan people are a group of 30,000 in South East Asia. There are small churches in a number of villages. These churches have been using trial portions that we have been making available and they are now eagerly awaiting having the complete New Testament in their language.

The other desire of the Tampuan Christians is to have a songbook in their language. The local Tampuan churches have compiled about 80 hymns and Christian songs into a book and have almost finished editing it. A small amount of additional funding would enable the printing of these songbooks for distribution amongst the Tampuan churches.

We require $A18,500 to cover printing costs for approximately 700 New Testaments, and 500-700 songbooks.

Bunong Old Testament Translation

Project 8327

The Bunong communities in Cambodia celebrated the completion and release of their New Testament in May 2016. As Christians noticed the big difference that reading the New Testament in Bunong made, they began discussing how they might also have an Old Testament.
When different groups met together they discovered many people were excited about the prospect of having the Old Testament in their own language. In a proposal to their larger church body, they requested help and outlined their commitment of time, energy, food and funds towards an OT translation. The church authorities passed on the request.
The desire by the local church to translate the whole Bible, along with their commitment of resources to help make it possible, excited the Australian team who will once again be contributing both resources and skills to assist the local team.
As a partner, Wycliffe is planning to make an annual contribution of $7,500 towards travel, accommodation and meals to help teams of Bunong translators gather together six times each year.

Partner with us

Our partnership target for 2022 is $6,650

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.

Papuan Malay Scripture Printing

Project 8525

Papuan Malay is the language of wider communication spoken by 2 million people in the Indonesian province of Papua. The Papuan Malay Bible translation team has a goal of distributing 1 million Scripture forms (books, social media hits, Jesus Film views on YouTube, Scripture app downloads, etc.) before completing the New Testament by the year 2028. 

The Papuan Malay oral Bible storytelling team recently completed a three-year project to craft 26 oral Bible stories. This set of foundational stories covers the creation of the world in Genesis to the promises of a new heaven and a new earth in Revelation.

As well as outlining God’s plan of salvation, each story in the set was chosen based on the theme of ‘The Father Heart of God’. In addition to using these stories in audio form, the Papuan Malay team sees great benefit in making them available as a printed book.

While the Papuan Malay New Testament translation is still many years away from completion, small groups are being formed to use and share translated Bible stories with communities. This collection of Bible stories will provide a strong foundation for people to read about God’s plan for humanity in the language they know best.

This project will enable the printing of this book of Bible stories with coloured pictures.

Updated Target: $8,300 (for 4150 books)

Partner with us

Our partnership target for 2021 is $8,300

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.

South Asia 2 – Literacy WRDF

Project 8888

Literacy work is being supported among two language communities as they eagerly anticipate the completion of their own alphabets. Further discussions and an orthography workshop were recently held for these groups to help them develop writing systems for language documentation.

See the Wycliffe Foundation website for more information.

This project is managed by Wycliffe’s partner organisation Wycliffe Relief & Development Foundation. The funds will be directed to them.

Mayoyao Multilingual Education project – Philippines

Project 8935
This project aims to build capacity in national teachers by supporting them to develop teaching principles and reading materials in their local Mayoyao language. These materials will be used to help students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 develop foundational literacy skills in their local language before also acquiring the national languages of Filipino and English.

Sixty teachers will participate in a series of workshops over three years (2017-2019) to create reading materials and other literacy resources in the Mayoyao language. Project funds will be used to provide stationery materials and access to literacy trainers who can offer technical advice as teachers create reading texts. These materials will then be made freely available to other schools, with workshop teachers equipped to train colleagues in using and creating their own texts to enhance student literacy and learning.
Read more about this project

This project is managed by Wycliffe’s partner organisation SILA. The funds will be directed to them.

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